I which I eat my words

As someone who does a lot of things outside the mainstream norm, my mantra is, "Don't knock it till you try it!"

However, there are some exceptions.

So when I wrote a post a little while back, basically saying that quilting is dumb, there was no chance I'd have to retract that phrase, like ever, right?

My word-eating process began when I realized my fabric scrap collection was out of control. In an effort to tame the streams of scraps spilling out of the closet, I went through all the scraps and sorted them into plastic bags by color, to be stored in a box.

Really high-tech, I know.
But you wouldn't believe how fast I can find the fabric I want now!

This was all the cotton scraps that were too small to be wrapped on bolts like the scraps in a second box. Not to be confused with the third box of scraps that holds all the specialty fabric, like fleece and jersey knit. Hi, my name is Maria, and I have a fabric addiction. Anyways, I looked at all these bags of cotton scraps in every color, wondering, how am I EVER going to use all this stuff up? How would the thrifty and resourceful pioneer women of old deal with these scraps? 

Oh. Oh... yeah.

So I am working on a new project on the weekends.

Yes, that is 100% made up of stuff I pulled out of the closet. It's pinned up on the walls because 1) there is no other convenient place to put it, and b) it looks ridiculously awesome. The wall art that will eventually replace the quilt has a hard act to follow! Here is a chart of what the finished product will look like...

And I am actually enjoying myself. The meticulous measuring, cutting, and matching seams is right up my alley. In an attempt to keep this a low-budget endeavor, I decided to skip the Quilting Basics class and reference the internet for technique. Living in the Information Age is such a wonderful thing! :-)

So here is what you'll most likely find me doing on the weekend nights after the kiddos are in bed. It's fun because my work bench is opposite the room from the computer desk, so usually Adam will be surfing the web while I sew and showing me all the silly stuff he finds online. 

So no, quilting is not dumb.

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  1. That is awesome! I too suffer from a fabric addiction. 2 new yards followed me home today even though I keep telling myself no more! I am glad I discovered your blog today!


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