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This is a blog about the Domestic goings-on of a mid-20's, first-time mom.

I've always found great joy in all things Domestic, even from a young age. As the oldest of five kids, I DEFINITELY got some early exposure to cooking, cleaning, and changing diapers! Fortunately, I enjoyed it, and as I got older, I branched out into other Domestic pursuits, such as sewing and other crafts.

And people made fun of me for being quite possibly the only teenager in the world who crocheted.

Fortunately, I found someone who tolerates my Domesticity (and perhaps even finds it a bit endearing!), and in 2008, I married him and plunged headlong into my very own Downright Domestic life. That's when I started even more Domestic pursuits, such as jumping on the frugal bandwagon, experimenting with container gardening, and dabbling in any homemade cleaning/beauty/kitchen product I possibly could. Now THAT is hardcore!

In 2009, I graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in Music, and spent the subsequent year making dough... of the non-edible kind. ;-) I tried to practice Domesticity in my spare time, but of course, that was hard to come by with work, performing with the local opera chorus, and-- pregnancy!!!

Our little boy, Baby D, was born on August 27, 2010. Life since then has been a journey in Housewifery. Not that I've done much with a newborn, but, you know, I try. This blog is a chronicle of my attempts to do the Domestic thing, and now that I will finally be making Domesticity my life work, I will have plenty of material for your reading pleasure!

 Here are a few of the things I like to write about:

Cooking. For me, cooking is a very relaxing activity. We can all use more relaxation in our lives, right? So I try to do it as often as I can! I love trying new recipes, and if I find anything particularly great recipe, I will post it for you to try, too!

Crafts. When I was engaged, a friend of the family bought me a sewing machine. And believe me, I have gotten some serious mileage out of that machine! Lately, I've been repurposing items into baby gear, as well as making some really cute aprons. I also do some crocheting, wood-burning, and other crafty things on the side.

Marriage. My husband Adam is my favorite person in the entire world! We met at a summer music camp when we were 15 and 16 years old. If someone had told me at the time that the tall guy exchanging email addresses would one day be exchanging wedding vows, I wouldn't have believed it! We've been very happily married for two years now, and we love to do everything together. Adam is currently finishing up his undergrad degree, working hard to support us, and having fun the rest of the time. Needless to say, he is one busy guy!

Family. These days, my thoughts are always towards our little baby boy! We are thrilled to be starting our own family, so you'll see a lot of posts about Baby D-- with adorable pictures, of course! Not that we're proud parents, or anything. ;-)  I am also fortunate to have wonderful in-laws and family, so you'll see those folks popping up from time to time. Sadly, our families live on different coasts (I'm from Washington State and Adam is from New York)... and we're in Oklahoma, so we don't get to meet up very often. But when we do-- watch out!

Cats. We have two cats named Meatloaf and Mel. It's kind of embarrassing how much Adam and I doted on them before Baby D was born-- on more than one occasion, I would stop and think, this is precisely why we need kids. They are seriously the best cats I've ever owned, and provide plenty of entertaining blog-worthy moments.

So, welcome! I'm glad you're here! Come on in, take off your shoes, and feel free to poke around my little corner of the blogosphere.

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