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So, I think I've lately discovered this little hormonal gem called "nesting". The house is the cleanest it's been in months, I'm undertaking all kids of housy projects, and I am suddenly obsessed about getting things together for baby. Last week, I finally took the plunge and placed my first order for a bunch of cloth diapers (SQUEE! I can't wait to see those cute little covers!).

Since we're very, um, not financially endowed, naturally I'm looking to see what I can get away with making from materials already in the house. Ladies and gentlemen, look at what I've been sewing lately!

This was a favorite pair of PJ pants that unfortunately got a large, unsalvageable tear.
Garbage fodder...

Or perfect burp cloth material?

I was able to get four of these out of the one pair of pants! The edges should fray nicely after a few washes, and scraps sewn into the inside add extra absorbent layers. I am hoping that this helps protect all shirts involved in the burping process.

The next project that I'm working on: cloth baby wipes!

These all come from a flannel sheet set that I've had since I was thirteen. I think that flannel is fabulous to sleep on, but unfortunately, a certain person who shares my bed does not also share this opinion. Since we already have like three other husband-approved sets, I knew that it was time to bid my flannel sheets adieu and put them to good use.

Here are the twenty that I've already sewn, and I'm gearing up to sew thirty-five more-- all cut from just the topsheet! The wipes are 8x8, so they should fit perfectly inside a conventional wipe dispenser.

It feels really good to be getting baby stuff together-- without spending a dime! And saving some stuff from the trash, as well! I'm sure all the pioneer women in heaven are looking down with approval.

So, have any of you all been working on any sort of project? I always love to see what other people are making!

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  1. wow, those are awesome! teach me how to sew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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