25 Things You Probably Didn't Want to Know about Me

First off, let me say that my readers are awesome! You have helped jump-start my brain for new blog post ideas. Thank you, thank you. So here are 25 things about me, as requested.

1. I am totally fine with drinking unpasteurized milk and eating eggs fresh from the chicken coop, but I will not get within ten feet of that scary Amish Friendship Bread stuff. At least with the eggs and milk, you know exactly where it came from!

2. I don't share this little tidbit very often, but I was homeschooled all twelve years. Oh, I'm plenty proud of my education, but you'd be surprised at the prejudices people have against homeschoolers.

3. I have read The Bronze Bow every year since middle school. I don't even know why, because it's not my favorite book; it's just something I do. :-P

4. I own a coffee pot, a french press, and an espresso machine. You might say I like coffee! But I still limit myself to one cup a day.

5. My guilty pleasure: watching anime. But it has to be GOOD anime-- so I don't watch much. :-P

6. Foods you will never see cooked or consumed on this blog: mushrooms and green peppers. EW.

7. I liked Adam for an entire year secretly until he came around and realized what an awesome catch I was. ;-)

8. In high school, I went vegetarian for one month, and that was the best I've ever felt in my life!

9. When Pavarotti came to town on his final concert tour, I got to play violin in his orchestra! That was the coolest thing ever!

If you squint reeeeeeally hard... I'm still not in the picture. :-(

10. I am first-born through and through. Responsible, high-achiever, people-pleaser, can take charge if I really have to. Since my mom is also a first-born, that makes Baby D at least a third-generation firstborn. :-P

11. I am embarrassingly good at Mario Kart.

12. I was HUGELY inspired by St. Francis of Assisi as a teen. Even now, I love finding info about him.

13. I am a Francophile. I've been studying French since age 14, and I am chomping at the bit to go to France!

14. I am most seriously grieved by what happened to Littlest Pet Shop and Polly Pocket toys. Remember when those things actually looked like animals and actually fit in your pocket? Sigh.

These look like animals.
These look like aliens.

15. Most people start using mama cloth pads after cloth diapering their babies. For me, it was just the opposite! I started using cloth pads in college, and the difference in comfort was so phenomenal, I knew I couldn't put my future babies in plastic, either. :-P

16. Don't laugh, but I have always wanted to learn how to belly dance. Stop laughing!

17. I was briefly a church organist. I don't know how to play the organ.

18. I have also been Superintendent of Canned Foods at the county fair, but I don't know how to can. It is amazing the things you can do, even if you're a complete ignoramus!

19. I have no desire to quilt. Okay, maybe the crafter in me has a teensy weensy desire, but I just don't have the patience to cut a piece of fabric into zillions of tiny shapes,  just so I can sew it all back together again. I really admire beautiful quiltwork, but I just don't think that's an activity I would enjoy!

I have to admit, though, this is pretty darn cool.

20. The first thing I ever cooked was a fried egg, when I was eight years old. My dad must have gotten sick of making PB&J for me, because he called me into the kitchen and gave me a cooking lesson!

21. I never had a cavity in my life until I went to college and started drinking juice on a regular basis. That stuff is not that great for you!

22. I had a very real fear of Borgs (from Star Trek) all the way into college. I just knew there was one in a dark corner, waiting to assimilate me!

23. Despite being quite tall (5'9" on a good day), I am TERRIBLE at basketball.

24. I hate hate HATE promise rings. Invented by greedy jewelers who just couldn't squeeze enough money out of the engaged and married folk, these rings make an underwhelming statement of love: "I promise to promise to get married!" Seriously, if you're going to wear a ring on that finger, just commit already!

Look at me! I love to create really awkward situations when you ask if I'm engaged!

25.  It took me an entire day to come up with all these things. Gee, I need to learn how to skydive or something.


  1. I knew several of those... but I have known you longer than the average person who reads your blog. ;)

    BUT I have to give a tiny argument for the "promise ring". There are promise rings that promote saving yourself for marriage (i.e. the chastity ring) which I wore until I was on the altar actually. I switched it to my right hand when it was time to exchange our rings. Though still somewhat confusing because people ask (it's on your left hand after all), it is a great opportunity to witness to others that sexual intimacy is worth saving for your future husband/wife.

  2. Ah, I was wondering if someone would bring up the chastity ring! I've known several people who took a ring, many times in high school, to symbolize saving their bodies for marriage. I think those rings have value, because they actually stand for a commitment to an ideal.

    What I take issue with, however, are the couples who decide to buy each other expensive rings to signify that they're "going steady", and then wear them where a symbol of lifelong COMMITMENT(engagement/wedding ring) should go. In my mind, it devalues wearing a wedding ring when you replace that special spot with jewelry that really doesn't mean any kind of "promise" at all.

  3. That was a great list of things! Yeah for homeschoolers, reading the Bronze Bow, musicians, and fun facts! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hm, so I don't understand the last picture. If it's what I think it is, it's that you wear a ring on your right ring finger instead of left? And I would assume that has something to do with violin playing? (We have violinists in our church who wear their rings on their right hands instead of left.) The other thing I came up with was that maybe you don't wear a wedding band? Regardless, I loved reading all those things about you!! That's really cool about playing in Pavarotti's orchestra :)

  5. Wow, I didn't realize I'd be opening such a can of worms with the promise ring, lol!

    Here is my personal experience with promise rings: I will spy a beautiful, jewel-laden ring on the left hand, where a wedding ring should go. I'll say, "Oh, are you engaged/married?" They say, "Oh no, my boyfriend and I bought each other promise rings." (although I've had this situation with both sexes) The promise ring that I'm referring to in my post is a ring that sports some sort of nebulous statement of love without any real commitment backing it up.

    The picture of the hand is one that popped up when I googled "promise ring", and does not belong to my arm. :-P I've actually always worn my wedding ring on my left hand with no problem, but some musicians prefer to have it out of the way. Obviously, I need to be a little more observant when I pick pictures for the blog! ;-)

  6. I laughed out loud at number 17! What a wonderful list. :)

  7. Oh, I love posts like these. I always comment on way too many points, but they're all so interesting!

    1. I am super interested in trying unpasteurized milk.

    2. Cool!

    6. Really?! But mushrooms are so good!

    9. That is cool!

    10. Me and my mom, too! Our lucky firstborns!

    19. You're right - it's a lot of work and you could do a lot more projects in the amount of time it takes you!


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