Time to ask YOU a question!

Okay, it's time to break out of this blogging malaise and bring you something besides bread posts. The problem is that nothing's been happening here since that snow storm last week. The roads are pretty horrible because Oklahoma doesn't know how to handle that white stuff falling from the sky, so I've been snowbound, and things have been booooooooring around here.

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At Downright Domesticity, the buck stops here!

So let me ask you: what would you like to read a post about? Any burning questions you have about what goes on at the Downright Domicile?

Now, sitting here thinking of what crazy things some of you might ask has given me a few ideas for what to post next. Hooray! But I still aim to please, so please feel free to put in your request!


  1. I would love to read 25 random facts about you. That's always fun. :) Or projects you would love to do. Or favorite memories/events of your life.

  2. Are you doing any sewing these days? What about a photo tour of your house? Are you still cutting your own hair? Um... Is there anything you do unconventionally? ie, do your laundry in the bathtub, etc. :P There, that should give you some blog fodder ideas!

  3. More humor! Surely something funny has happened while you've been trapped in your house.

    I'm trapped too and love watching my neighbor drive his 4-wheeler around with a snowplow on the front because he's SO COOL. Sorry, that wasn't very helpful for your blog.

    Read any good books lately?

  4. I have some pretty awesome stuff going on at http://mommydoes.blogspot.com maybe that could pass the time?
    I like the idea about 25 things about you!

  5. YES! I want to hear all about your Sugarless 2011 adventure! What have you been eating in place of sweets? I'm in a very similar boat...gestational diabetes changed my life. i've gotten a bit more strict since posting this -- http://arewestillcool.com/2010/11/why-im-glad-i-had-gestational-diabetes.html

    just like you, i'm avoiding chocolate. have you tried carob??? it's the only thing that has helped me through. highly recommend! doesn't require sweetening and no caffeine!

    however, i allow myself one splurge day per calendar month when i can eat whatever i want. so i'm amazed you're going cold turkey!

  6. oops that was me, cool mum, in the comment above!


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