How I told Adam about Baby #2

It is not news that I got knocked up a second time. In fact, it's such old news that I'm not even pregnant anymore, and the result is going on an adorable five months in a few days.

It was exactly one year ago today when I found out that Al was on his way. I had been feeling like I was on death's door with the most violent cough/fever combination I've ever had. In fact, it took me a good four weeks to get over it. Yuck! But one year ago today, on top of the usual symptoms, I started feeling a little sick. Hmmmm, weird. And then I suddenly realized that my monthly friend hadn't visited in about 7 weeks. Uh oh, something was definitely afoot.

So I took a pregnancy test, and the darn thing showed a big, fat positive almost instantly.

In between bouts of hacking, coughing, and lying down with the chills, I slapped that test in a hand-scribbled card and presented it to an unsuspecting husband. "I got you a very spoooooky card," I said.

He should have been suspicious right there-- a supposed Halloween card from the wife who may or may not wait to get his birthday card until a couple hours before he comes home from work on his birthday? Not that that's actually happened or anything. ;-)

This was about where the recognition dawned

Adam was super happy, of course, and pleasantly surprised. Frankenstein had nothin' on me that Halloween.

*Please note that we don't really think there is anything "worse" about having kids. It's an inside joke between us. :-P

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