Use it up, wear it out: January Edition

January is always a very interesting time in the Downright Domicile. I don't know how we do it, because we don't spend much on Christmas at all, but every January since we got married, we completely run out of money. I mean, COMPLETELY. That first year as a newlywed, when Adam broke the news, my reaction was akin to this:

Fortunately, I'm used to being broke by this time, so my reaction this year went more like this:

Bottom line, I have to delve into the back of my pantry and get creative until next Friday. Remember back in July, when I did a Use It Up, Wear It Out series? I'm thinking of doing one again. And I am wondering if anyone wants to do a little using up of their own and blogging about it, because I would totally put up a Linky if you do! Well, I'll catch you later-- there is some menu planning to do!


  1. Giggling at the pictures :) I probably wouldn't link up as we're mostly eating frozen foods right now, but I'd read and be inspired!

  2. That's a great idea. I will have to pick up milk and snag a great deal on pop but otherwise I will be creative with you until Friday the 14th. (We have company coming the 15th, so I will shop so we can feed them.) But as we just finished our last bit of ground beef, it will be an interesting week. When should I post (daily, recap next Monday)?

  3. All right! Stephani, I just poted a Linky at the top of the blog, where you can leave a link to your post. Bon apetit!


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