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It's time for some housecleaning of the website variety! So here are a few announcements:

~I put a Linky at the top of the blog for January's Use It Up, Wear It Out event. If you are wanting to clean out some of those odd ingredients that have been sitting in your pantry forever (can of lima beans, I am looking right at you!), I would love to read about your creative cooking experiences! The Linky will be up all month, so you can post whatever whenever.

~Speaking of which, yesterday was a stroke of Providence. I suddenly remembered that I had stashed all my money from playing Christmas gigs a couple years ago as an "eat out" fund-- which I promptly forgot about. A regular squirrel, I am. :-P So I was able to restock on some basic food around here. Now I don't need to get as, um, creative as I originally planned, but I will still be raiding the pantry and writing about it!

~ Unfortunately, as I was taking pictures for a post the other day, my camera slipped and broke on the hard kitchen floor. Here is the last picture it took:

So my posts in the near future are going to be a little bare of pictures, which is great news for anybody using dial-up, until we fix this camera (if that's even possible) or get a new battery for the other one.

~ I haven't forgotten about the cloth diaper tutorial. I'm still designing, tweaking, and testing. Not to mention, I'm without a camera right now. But let me tell you, this diaper is going to be AWESOME. What I have in the works is a reversible one-size fitted/pocket diaper. One side is flannel, and the other side is fleece, both with absorbent layers sewn inside. The idea is that you can wear it as-is with the fleece on the outside for daytime use as an AIO, or you can stuff it with an insert for extra absorbency, wear it fleece-side-in, and put a cover over it for night-time use. Yeah, I'm pretty jazzed about this one. :-D I hope it all works out all right!

Well, I think that's about it. Stay tuned for a bread post later!

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  1. Lucky you to find some money squirreled away!! I always know exactly where my money is...and how I plan to spend it!! I'm no good at budgeting. Love you creative cooking endeavors....especially the ramen soups. I wondered about my own English essay from long ago just reading it. :-)


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