Knead It Monday: Whole Wheat Bread

This week, I made whole wheat bread. If I get nothing else out this 2011 bread challenge, the one thing I want is a great loaf of whole wheat bread. Every recipe of WW that I've ever tried produces a loaf that is dense and small; and by "every recipe", I mean the two recipes from my two favorite cookbooks that I tried time and time again before I concluded that those recipes were just not that great.

So this week, I thought I'd try my luck with allrecipes.com. I was having trouble finding high-rated recipes that didn't involve a bread machine, so I eventually just settled on this one and went with the directions in a comment for a handmade loaf.

I don't know if the apartment was too cold, or if the directions were weird, or if this is just an issue inherent with whole wheat, but once again, I ended up with a small, dense loaf. It was very tasty, though, and it was gone the next morning! It's really hard not to just inhale the entire thing when it's warm from the oven. :-)

I really need to study up more on making whole wheat bread, because this could just be an example of false expectations from eating store-bought bread. Is it possible to have a fluffy WW loaf? I don't know, but I will definitely be trying again!


  1. Is this the one you tried on allrecipes? it has 5 stars and tons of reviews...


  2. Whole Wheat bread will always be more dense than white bread, and you have to be a really good whole wheat bread maker to get it to turn out right. If this is your first bread making experience, then give yourself some time :) Trial and error and an experienced bread-making friend who can lend you advice and suggestions and answer your questions is the best way to learn. Keep trying and don't give up!! I'm in the throes of learning how to make whole wheat bread, too (I'm using King Arthur's All Natural White Wheat). Feel free to email me (button on my blog) if you have questions or want to talk!

  3. I was browsing through facebook and this was on Betty Crocker's page. I thought you may find it useful. It's a blog about tips for making good bread. I think I'll try it out later this week :)

  4. Thanks, everyone for your help!

    Laura-- I used this one: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Good-100-Whole-Wheat-Bread/Detail.aspx

    I'll have to try the one you linked.

    Miriam-- good to know that it at least has something to do with the flour! Whew, I'm not a complete bread dunce! :-) How does the White Wheat flour compare nutritionally/recipe-wise?

    Stephani-- LOVED the link you posted. That answers a lot of questions I had! I confess to dumping the salt right into the yeast mixture, so that might be part of the problem.

  5. I'm glad I came back to check the comments ;) White Wheat and Red Wheat (what is sold as "whole wheat") are the same nutritionally, and used the same in recipes. The only difference is the color (white is not WHITE like white flour, more a cream/tan color) and the flavor. Red wheat is stronger in it's flavor. Some people prefer the stronger flavor, I'm not one of them :)


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