Works For Me Wednesday: Better Ramen

For those who may be stopping in from Works for Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family, here's a little backstory: we're short on cash until Friday, so I've been digging waaaay back in the pantry and doing a little creative cooking. See, I told you it was little. Today, I found these on the pantry floor:

I panicked about finishing my English essay until I remembered I'm not in college anymore. Whew! I bought these particular packets a long time ago, and then never ate them because they have enough MSG to kill an elephant. But today, I felt like shortening my life a little. But just a little, so I made some modifications.

First, I sauteed a chopped chicken breast in a little olive oil. Then I added chopped onions and garlic. And then a little more garlic. I lack a good supply of Oriental spices, so I just added a generous amount of soy sauce, ginger, and pepper.

When they were cooked, I added these:

Another can that's been languishing in the pantry. Double points for me!

And these:

Then I added the required water, ramen noodles, and, yes, the spice packet, and let it boil for a little bit.

Here was the result-- a much better cup of ramen! If you're wondering how I got the pictures, and why they're so horrible, it's because I used my camera phone.

Killing myself a little less quickly-- Works for Me!

If you are doing some creative cooking to clean out your pantry this month, I'd love to see you blog about it and post to the Linky at the top of the page!

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  1. Maruchan ramen is my guilty pleasure! Another way to healthify it is to add some shredded kale and put a diced half-tomato in your bowl (so that it's in the soup when you're eating but isn't cooked--I prefer it raw).

    It's also easy to cook an egg in the boiling soup--just break the yolk and stir with a fork--for extra protein, if your circulatory system can take on an egg simultaneously with so much salt! I am prone to LOW blood pressure, so this is one of my special pick-me-up meals when I feel dizzy.


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