Complication is not a pleasant word to hear, and it is downright scary when you are pregnant-- and unfortunately, I'm experiencing a bit of one myself.

The past several weeks, my blood pressure has been high (around 140/100). Fortunately, other than having puffy ankles, everything else looks good. Unfortunately, high blood pressure can lead to preeclampsia. Also, my midwives had a client once, who like me, had high blood pressure, and as soon as she gave birth, her blood pressure skyrocketed, requiring immediate medical attention. So, naturally, my midwives are quite concerned, and at our appointment today, they told me that if my blood pressure doesn't go down soon, I will more than likely need to transfer care to a doctor and give birth in a hospital!

I don't feel particularly alarmed. And I'm not annoyed with pregnancy, or with Baby D. However, I am quite a bit crestfallen that my vision of a quiet home birth might not come to pass, and I'm also quite frustrated because I'm doing everything humanly possible to lower my blood pressure, and it doesn't seem to be working. Eating tons of protein? Check. Getting some physical activity? Check. Resting the rest of the time? Check, and double check. Laying off the cigarettes and booze? Well, still working on that one...

Totally kidding about that last one. Just seeing if you were paying attention!

So, I'll be keeping up my awesome lifestyle ways, and crossing my fingers when I go in for another appointment on Friday! Make sure that your comments aren't stressful! ;-)


  1. Praying for a healthy birth experience for you, no matter how it goes!


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