Adventures in Hairdressing

One aspect of pregnancy that I was not prepared for was the number that it does on your hair. My mom says that her hair lost its curl when she got pregnant, so I always assumed that's just what would happen to me. Well, nine months later, I still have plenty of curl, but almost as soon as those blue lines showed up on the pregnancy test, my hair became extremely coarse and easily tangled into large rat's nests-- not such a great thing for nearly waist-length hair!

Having suffered several traumatic haircuts from hairstylists who have no clue how to cut curly hair, and also being a cheapskate, I procrastinated on getting a haircut for a very long time... until I read about Cool Mum's success with cutting her own hair. The heavens opened and angels sang, "Chop it offffffff.... chop it offffff....."

I figured, why spend money to get a bad haircut when I could get the exact same results at home?

So I bought a quality pair of hair shears for $14 (still less than the cost of a haircut) and took a deep breath! Following the advice of this post on cutting your own hair, I pulled it all back in a ponytail and started snipping away. About halfway through, I got nervous about getting an even cut, so I asked Adam to finish it. Poor guy! I don't know why I thought asking someone with absolutely no experience in women's hair was a good idea. When the ponytail was gone, and I turned around to face the mirror, the ending side was at least an inch shorter than the starting side. Whoops! But I actually really like the shorter length, so Adam is saved from sleeping on the couch. ;-)

The site I just mentioned says to make layers by pulling all the hair into a high ponytail and cutting some length off that, but since I part my hair on the side, it made for some funny-looking layers. So, I just pulled sections all around my part and shortened them to roughly the same length.

Overall, I'm pleased with the way it turned out. There are some litle goofy parts to my haircut, but the price was right!

I will never get those Myspace poses down. :-P

Here's a side-ish view!

I lost a good nine or so inches of hair!

Let me tell you, the absence of hair on my neck is feeling p-r-e-t-t-y good in this 100+ degree heat wave we've been having. And- the best part of all- there are no more tangles!!! I seriously did not care what my hair looked like, just as long as it would stop tangling! So I'm happy with it-- perhaps you could call it shear delight? ;-)


  1. Mine did the same thing! I was purposely letting mine grow so I could do Locks of Love (ahem, I believe the hair is still here, somewhere, ahem). I liked it SO much better after I gt it cut... but a couple weeks ago went and got it cut again, a little shorter than usual, and I'm really liking it! Oh, and if you plan to breastfeed... don't be surprised if you get what seems like handfuls of hair falling out when you shower :) I havn't gone bald - yet :P

  2. YAYYYY! Looks great! Way to be brave! Would you mind if I added that first picture to my blog post?

  3. You are a woman of courage. The haircut is beautiful.
    I hope you start a trend! I am so tired of paying serious money for haircuts, and then muttering under my breath, "Oh well, it'll grow out."

  4. OMGosh you are so super cute preggers and new hair cut!!!! my daughter has curly hair and it is a nightmare to find a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair...we now do dry cuts


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