Pregnancy Update

Yes, I'm still pregnant.

But things are looking up! I am not quite as swollen or puffy-feeling. In fact, I lost four pounds in one week-- all of it water retention! So that's good. My overall sense of well-being is quite fine.

Unfortunately, my blood pressure is still high. But my midwives assure me that everything else looks just peachy, and they have a really good gut feeling about how my pregnancy is going, so we're just going to keep a close eye on the blood pressure and proceed as normally as possible.

Except-- they put me on a diet that I HAAAAAAAAAATE. No sugar, no refined carbs, and there are even a few complex carbs I can't have, like corn and potatoes. I can't even have fruit. I have to eat 70-90 grams of protein every day (!!!) and take a bunch of supplements. For this carb-lovin', sweet-toothed gal, this has turned out to be my greatest pregnancy challenge of all. I know it's a really dumb thing to complain about- of all the interventions I could be going through, this is a breeze- but GOSH! I can only eat so many eggs and cheese sticks!!!

An artistic rendition of my past week.

I've been a little down about it for the past couple days (and certainly that much more eager to get that baby out!), but I'm determined to get out of this funk and try to figure out a way to creatively eat my protein. Do you have any good egg or meat recipes?


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  2. I have a pretty good Italian roast recipe on my blog. You can eat it with vegetables. (I was going to say pulled pork but it has brown sugar in the recipe.) So sorry about your diet. Baby will be out of there soon! You and Baby are in my prayers.

  3. Good luck, Maria. You're going to do awesome!

  4. oh no! i can really relate. i was put on a similar diet at 30 weeks b/c of gestational diabetes. i was pretty annoyed and always hungry. at least it's only until you have the baby, which could be any time, right?

    so tell me what you like to eat normally, and i'll try to think of a substitute--i developed some good tricks! off the top of my head, if you like peanut butter like i do, that will help you through. it's a great source of protein and feels like a treat...also developed a love for almond butter with cinnamon mixed in. YUM


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