How We Celebrated Father's Day

Adam is just like a little kid sometimes. He doesn't need fast cars, cool gadgets, or the latest video game to enjoy life. Instead, he relishes the simple things: riding his bike around town, drawing in coloring books with me, and experimenting with stop-motion, among other things. He eagerly anticipates a new Pixar film as much as the latest action film (Toy Story 3 was really good, by the way!). I just love him for being such a kid at heart!

So, it's no surprise that ever since Mother's Day, Adam has been counting the days until Father's Day, when he was planning on going to one of his favorite places in town-- the zoo!!!

Unfortunately, one thing he didn't plan on was having horrible insomnia the night before. He finally got to sleep so late, that I didn't have the heart to wake him up bright and early for the zoo. We spent Sunday pretty lazily.

So today, we had our rendezvous with the zoo. Was the 98-degree weather going to stop Adam? No way, Hosea! I was expecting all the animals to be hiding inside their caves to escape the heat, but I was pleasantly surprised by one the best animal showings I've ever had at this zoo! All the African animals were enjoying the sun, and even all the big cats were out and about!

Before we left the house, I had the brilliant idea of bringing an empty water bottle along and filling it up from the water fountain once we were in the zoo. This was a VERY good idea. I'll never go to zoo without it again!

Well, enough talking! On to the pictures!

Okay, let's get the worst photo out of the way. :-P When we first arrived, Adam really wanted to buy me a hat to keep me cool. Obviously, the hat did not also grant me photogenic powers, but the gift was very sweet!

What a handsome guy I married! We are going to have some gorgeous kids. :-)

Adam playing with the world's largest marble. Or whatever the heck that thing is supposed to be.

One of the stranger exhibits at the zoo.

An Andean Bear enjoying a swim!

This cracked me up! When Adam sat down in front of this tank to take a breather, this fish swam up to check him out...

...And all his fishy buddies got curious, as well!

About to be devoured by the dangerous lion fountain!

This statue at the Amazon exhibit was kind enough to hold my effects while I took pictures.

A giant Amazon catfish!

Cooling off in the polar room. Poor Adam was quite warm!

So that was our day at the zoo. I sure hope it's a lot cooler the next time we go!

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