Fluffy Bottoms Giveaway Event!

If you could see me at night, when I'm checking up on the bloggy world, you'd hear me muttering, "Fluffy Bottoms, tee hee hee. Fluffy. Bottoms. Heh heh." So mature, I know.

What is "Fluffy Bottoms", you may ask? Across cyberspace, My New Life As Mom has been hosting a month-long cloth diaper review and giveaway event. As someone who is planning on using cloth diapers, but has yet to actually have a baby to try them on, I have found her reviews and informational posts to be very enlightening! And I haven't even mentioned all the quality items that are being given away right now. If you are a cloth-diapering mama, this is one event you do not want to miss!

Go here to see a list of all the giveaway goodies!

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