Bringing Out the Krab in Me

Nearly two weeks ago, I hit the big 28-week mark in my pregnancy-- the third trimester.

We're in the home stretch, folks!

Not only did all the third-trimester loveliness such as an achy back and- dare I whisper it- cankles somehow magically appear that first morning of the twenty-eighth week, but I suddenly realized that time was running out for me to get my act together. So what did I do?

I made a list.

I want to be mostly prepared by Week 36. So, I made a week-by-week list of everything I wanted to get done by then. Last week was great! I proactively made another wool diaper soaker and signed up for an online childbirth class that I had my eye on ("What? You're just now starting a childbirth class?" you incredulously ask. Ummm, yeah. Told you I needed to get my act together!). This week, though, I have been procrastinating big-time.

This week is supposed to be diaper week. It's time to buy the diaper sprayer, pail liners, changing pads, lanolin for the wool covers, and a couple pocket diapers/AIOs to supplement the prefolds I'll be using.

But these looming purchases have brought out the Spongebob character, Mr. Krabs, in me.

(Image owned by Nickolodeon)

They're taking all me MONEY!

To be fair, we have not had any money at all for most of this week. But now, we have a paycheck in the bank and too many ways to send it, and I still... must... buy... diapers...

Speaking of Spongebob, here is one diaper I sooooooo want to buy:

I found this at wahmykidz's Etsy shop. Gotta indoctrinate the kids early with quality programming, right? ;-)

So, I have one more day until Week 30 rolls around. Will I actually buy anything between now and Friday? Only time will tell!


  1. Sorry to hear about the new aches and pains. I did the same nesting thing. We had a huge list of stuff I wanted done before the baby came. And you know what? It all came together. What kind of diapers will you be using? We use Smartipants and love them. They're actually pretty cheap for cloth diapers.

  2. Right now, my stash consists of 24 prefolds and 4 covers. I'd like to get a few pocket or AIO diapers for DH to use and for outings... I looked up Smartipants, and they look great! What sort of a stash do you have?


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