Pot Pie Review: Marie Callender

Okay, it is time to get off my blogging butt and write something on here! Here's a little post I wrote last week, when pot pie was heavy on the brain. I wanted to put pictures on here and such, but it seems that the only time I am inspired to blog is at work (shhhhh, don't tell!). So, I finally gave up on the pictures and decided to post as-is. Enjoy!


Lately, I have been on a huge pot pie kick. Evidently, Baby D needs a good amount of artery-clogging country food in his/her diet. I've been having one almost every day for lunch, so I thought, What the heck! This might be good blogging material! So, without further ado, let's take a look at the one I'm eating today!

Note: all pot pies are microwaved and eaten with a side of cottage cheese.

Marie Calender's Chicken Pot Pie

Crust: AMAZINGLY browned on top, exceptionally gummy down below. Somehow, the box is manufactured so that you get a beautiful, oven-browned crust when you heat the pot pie inside. It was great!

Filling: Generous chunks of chicken, good veggies. This pot pie had a very unique onion flavor, and it was very strong! I'm still trying to decide if I liked that or not.

Gravy: I will not lie, I was kind of scared when I first cut into the pie. The gravy is nuclear yellow, a shade not known to nature. It was also a tad bland.

Microwave Performance: Hot on the outside, cold on the inside. Perhaps I should have heated it up longer.

Overall: Let me level with you: I was raised on the cheapie 50-cent pot pies, so that is the taste that I am accustomed to. Marie Calender's is more of a gourmet dish, so that kind of threw me off. I would probably only ever eat this pie for the crust, which is the best I've ever had on a microwave pot pie. Unfortunately, even though I can have Marie Calender's for free at the place I'm house-sitting right now, I probably won't eat it again.

My rating: 3 (out of 5)

Full disclosure: Marie Calendar did not bribe, coerce, hire, or in any other way make me do this review. Opinions are cheap, and mine is no exception.


  1. If you're inclined to any type of baking, I have a recipe for a chicken pot pie with cream cheese filling that might pique your interest!

  2. If you're at all willing to cook/bake I have a very easy chicken pot pie recipe that uses a cream cheese base. One of Jason's faves.

    I would recommend using fresh veggies if possible.



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