A Riddle for Monday

My office has a day-by-day calendar that includes bits of random trivia or puzzles on the back. On Saturday, there was a riddle. I thought about it all weekend, but couldn't come up with the answer (maybe I'm just a little slow), so when I changed the page today and saw the answer, I was astounded! So I will pass on this little riddle to you:

Three brothers share a family sport:
A non-stop marathon
The oldest one is fat and short
And trudges slowly on
The middle brother's tall and slim
And keeps a steady pace
The youngest runs just like the wind,
Speeding through the race
"He's young in years, we let him run,"
The other brothers say
"'Cause though he's surely number one,
He's second, in a way."

Can you figure out the answer? No googling allowed! ;-)

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