Getting Ready for Baby: The House, Pt. 1

Even back when Baby D was a twinkle in its father's eye, preparing for Baby D's arrival has largely been juggling logistics and making choices: how do the costs of midwives vs. doctors stack up? Do we want to start our family in Tulsa? Can we afford a baby? (the answer was NO, but that didn't stop us :-P).

The logistics that I am working on right now involve our housing situation for at least the first year of Baby's life.

Right now, we live in a one-bedroom 705-square-foot apartment. That may seem small, but the floor plan is arranged just in such a way that makes all the rooms huge. Of all the 700-square-foot apartments we looked at before getting married, none were arranged so spaciously. And the kitchen! I have to brag on my kitchen just a little bit here, because it has soooo many cupboards and so much counter space! I'm in love with my kitchen.

As great as the apartment is, though, it does have its downsides. The bedroom is more of an Everything Room, because all the craft supplies, school books and supplies, and everything else that is not Living Room/Kitchen-worthy has to live in the bedroom. The cat litter box is in the bathroom, because there is no other workable place to put it. Adam's mountain bike takes up a generous chunk of the living room space (I'm still trying not to be bitter about that :-P). And, last but definitely not least, we don't have laundry hookups in the apartment, which means that we spend $2.50 to wash and dry a single load at the apartment laundry facilities.

Since DH and I do not want to stay in the Midwest any longer than we absolutely have to, here are our housing options, once Baby comes:

*Stay in our current apartment

*Move into a bigger apartment or house with two bedrooms

*Move into a bigger apartment or house with washer/dryer hookups

I mention the washer/dryer hookups because I'm planning on going the cloth diaper route. Washing all that would be burdensome and expensive-- or would it? Read all about my logistics juggling next time!

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  1. Best wishes as you prepare for your little one! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be posting my prenatal book reading list soon!



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