Workplace Oddities

I usually work in the offices in the back of the store. So when I had to emerge today and do some business up at the front desk, I was surprised to see a businessman charging towards me with a packet in his hand.

"Excuse me," he said, "this may sound like something on TV, but I was at a party a few weeks ago, and I met a guy who owns a music store. I promised him I'd give him some pictures of the party when they got developed. So do you know THIS guy?"

And with that, he proceeded to pull out several pictures and show them to me: "That's him... and that's him... Oh! How did that blonde picture get in there?..."

There are so many wrong things with this scenario. Like, how did this businessman NOT manage to get the name of a person he's developing pictures for? And wouldn't you think there's a better way to find "the guy who owns a music store", other than driving all over town to every music store? There's this thing called the Yellow Pages, buddy. And maybe I'm a little overprotective of information, but isn't it sort of a faux pas to be flashing someone's photo all over town like that?

No, the man in the pictures was not a part of our store. So the Guitar manager gave the names and locations of about three more music stores in the immediate area and sent the silly businessman on his merry way. He may still be out there.

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  1. Weird. In a creepish sort of way maybe?? Hopefully it was all ligit.


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