An Angry Cat

Holding the cats too long like this...

...Leads to this.

They're just so cute when they're annoyed, that it's hard not to purposefully annoy them.

By the way, doesn't Meatloaf just have the most fabulous whiskers?

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  1. OMG, that is funny! They think they look so tough but you are right...you know there's a sweet brain behind that evil stare! I have two insane cats myself, not to mention a dog and 2 ferrets. You should see how crazy it gets when they are all awake and running around.
    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm not much of a decorator, either. The easiest way out is to group things with like colors or themes together, like my red stuff. And I didn't take a photo of the long-legged red and pink monkey I have hanging from a hook (by his long arms) near my kitchen door--now there's some high-class decor, LOL!


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