What I Learned About Romance Today

Today is what I consider to be our first real married Valentine's Day. Last year, I had to work, and spent all evening watching other couples enjoy a romantic evening out. This year, however, was so special! Adam planned an overnight getaway at our state capitol, so we spent all day seeing the sights, giggling together, and just enjoying each other's company.

Last night, when we first arrived, Adam took me to the Spaghetti Warehouse, a fine Italian restaurant. He definitely knows where a pregnant woman's priorities lie! The place was packed wall-to-wall with couples glowing at each other over spaghetti and Merlot, and we were no exception. Except for the Merlot part, because, you know, Baby isn't such a great wine connoisseur. We had a pleasant time, and one huge helping of lasagna and Caesar salad later, we left happy.

Tonight, just before we left town, we ate dinner at a little hole-in-the-wall pizza-by-the-slice joint (yep, my husband is Italian, through and through!). The place was fairly deserted because it was freezing cold out today, so the Italian music playing overhead was easy to hear. I wasn't too terribly hungry, and the pizza slices were generous, so we bought one to share. And as we sat there, smooshed together in a booth, passing the slice back and forth, I realized, this is what romance looks like.

The wine and the servers and the overpriced pasta is great, but when it all boils down, the most romantic thing in the world is be close to my man, sharing with him (in this case, a delicious piece of pizza). It is very romantic to eat around a part that I know he'd like to have. It is very romantic to see him give that piece right back to me. Freed from enjoying my entree, it is very romantic to enjoy our entree. It is a very shared experience, and for me, sharing is the essence of romance.

Happy Valentine's Day! Be sure to take a minute and tell your spouse how much you love him/her!

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  1. I agree! Spaghetti and pizza are also our favorite foods. I can just see the two of you sharing your pizza . awww how sweet!


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