Fun Things to Do in Oklahoma City

So here's the part where I show you pictures of some of the fun things we did on our surprise getaway to Oklahoma City! My husband is the best husband in the world.

So what is there to do in OKC? Well, for starters, you can go to Bricktown and enjoy not four, not eight, but fifteen layers of delicious lasagna at the Spaghetti Warehouse.

Dang, Adam's picture looks a lot scarier now that it's off the camera viewer. Here's a slightly less scary picture of me in the Spaghetti Warehouse foyer:

Your next assignment: wake up the next morning refreshed and ready for more adventures!

Conduct lots of business at the business center of your hotel.

See the Bricktown Baseball Stadium. Enjoy the statues.

Visit the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

Catch some of the Olympics over breakfast at McDonald's.

Visit the Land Rush Memorial.

See the Botanical Gardens:

(I'm playing the Trumpet Vine, LOL)

We didn't take any really great pictures of the gardens, but believe me, they are well worth the visit!

Go back to Bricktown, watch a movie at the theater, and enjoy the Valentine scenery.

And that, my friends, is a great way to spend the day in Oklahoma City!

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