I Hope This Isn't Prophetic.

Lately, I've been having some really vivid dreams. From having George Takei (that's Sulu) for a father to swimming with the dolphins, I've been having some real doozies. The other night, I had one about Baby D.

It was a few days after he was born (it was a BOY!!!), and I was taking him out for the first time. I was walking along with him in my arms, and people I knew were stopping by and cooing over him, exclaiming how cute he was, etc. Somewhere along the way, someone asked me what his name was.

Um... oh, dear.

I suddenly realized that I'd forgotten a little detail... like giving him a name.

I've been laughing about this one all day. Here's hoping that I'll have a little more presence of mind in real life, when the time comes!

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