Works For Me Wednesday: Backwards Edition

I'm pregnant! Good thing I'm so excited, because all that excitement is needed to counterbalance an equally distressing occurrence:

Morning sickness.

In this Backwards Edition of Works For Me Wednesday, I'd like to ask all you moms who have come before me: how did you combat the queasies?

Things that have worked for me so far: eating a little something before getting out of bed, and drinking lots of water. Things that are not working so great: ginger. It has actually been making me sick. My problem times tend be late morning, when I'm at my desk at work, and the evening--before, during, and after dinner.

So please-- tell me how to get that glow of pregnancy! (unless you think green is a glow)

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  1. I have a two and a half year old son and boy was my first trimester tough! Just know that it WILL GET BETTER!!! About a week into my second trimester, it was like someone turned the morning sickness switch off and I had the best pregnancy ever after that. So that isn't too helpful now, but sometimes knowing that you won't feel that way forever does help.

    Also, the weird thing that I found was that sometimes even when I felt awful awful awful I would feel like eating something heavy and rich like macaroni and cheese. It wouldn't make me feel better, but it didn't make things worse either and I figured it was probably good for the baby to get some fat when it could, so I did try to eat what I could.

    Good luck and congratulations.

  2. ohh, I get terrible morning sickness. All throughout my pregnancy, and am still nauseated in delivery! Horrible I tell you.

    Here is what works for me, and hopefully it might for you!

    Lavendar....lavendar oil dabbed on your wrist...whenever a wave of nausea hits, sniff it. It always helps me.

    Peppermint...same idea, with the oil. Works wonders too.

    Sour things...like lemon drops, sour apple candy, apple cider, orange juice.

    Ohh, and make sure you don't get overly tired or too hungry...it will make it soo much worse! Hope you can find something to help!

    (Since you have baby on the brain, maybe you can help me with my baby name ideas for this baby at my blog! http://mommysblessings.blogspot.com)

  3. Ginger did not work for me, either - we ended up with a whole case of gingerale we gave away! What I found to be the very best for me was to eat SOMETHING every 1 - 1 1/2 hours through the day, no longer than 2 1/2 hrs. Many times I would look at the clock and go "but I'm not hungry!" and put it off... and 30 minutes later regret it. I quickly learned (and Daniel would remind me!) that I could either eat even though I thought I would be "fine" or not eat and later NOT feel fine! And, as hard as it was, once I started to feel sick, I made myself just start nibbling on a piece of toast, a tiny bit at a time, and usually pretty soon I would feel better enough to eat somethiing else. I didnt' have to eat much for those frequent snacks, maybe a handful of peanuts and a cheesestick, or a 1/2 PB&J, or an apple w/ PB. For situations where eating wasn't the best (mostly church), I carried granola bars, little baggies of goldfish, teddy grahams, or trail mix (nuts, raisins and M&Ms). Not much else fit in my purse those weeks, it was basically my munch-box :P

    I hope you're able to find something to help! A friend of mine is just a month behind me, and she was nauseated all the time, too, but what worked for me didn't work for her. Macaroni and Cheese and Chocolate Milk were also things I would get hungry for and could enjoy eating them :) I tried to include some type of protein in each snack if I could (milk, nuts, etc.). The upside to my morning sickness was that it never made me throw up. There were plenty times I thought I was going to, but never did. It wasn't a smell/sight thing for me, just felt yucky.

    Like Lauren already said, it WILL get better!! :) HUGS to you!!

  4. With my first pregnancy, Preggie Pop Drops worked. You can get those at baby/maternity stores or online.

    With my second, they didn't work, but peppermint tea did. I drank several cups a day of tea made from pure peppermint leaves, and it really helped. I found mine at the grocery store.

    Good luck!

  5. I took Ginger capsules and those helped. I also took a Vitamin B complex that was a bit helpful. Preggie pops were okay.

    In the end, I started Zofran because with my second baby it was just too bad.

    Hang in there... it gets better!

  6. I have been morning sick 5 times, sometimes worse than others, and I've done a bit of researching (and experimenting) with this. Different things help different people of course, but here's what has worked for me:

    1--eat protein. It held of the queasies better than anything. I *never* craved protein, I usually wanted carbs...so I would do something like make two pieces of toast, butter on one (what I wanted) and peanut butter on the other (what I needed). Eggs, sticks of cheese, and yogurt all worked too.

    2--eat right before bed. I know they say eat first thing in the morning, but I found that eating immediately before bed also helped--it made the overnight non-eating period as short as possible.

    3--I hate ginger too, but peppermint (real peppermint oil, not just the flavoring) helped. I bought starlight mints (which are made with the real oil) and sucked on those all the time.

    4--hard candy, or something to suck on, keeps the saliva flowing and helps keep the stomach calm. Some people say it has to be sour, but that was not my experience.

    5--B vitamins help a lot of people--if you can get it down! Most B-complex vitamins taste about like barf (that's why prenatal vitamins taste so awful--it's the B). Take a look at www.bnatal.com they came up with a B vitamin that tastes more like a little hard candy...Some people say it works wonders. Actually it didn't do much for me when I bought it for my last pregnancy (baby is 7wks old), so I still have most of a box full. If you'd like a few to try and decide before ordering, email me and I'll send you some (email address is in my profile). :)

  7. I always had something to munch on. It seemed that the act of chewing helped. I went through a lot of saltine crackers.

    My sis-in-law had done B vitamins and those have helped.

  8. I'm in my 4th pg and protien is number one. I love dairy and eggs! Gatorade has helped too (and is great during labor).

  9. Keep hard candy in your mouth whenever possible, Green Apple Jolly Rancers or Lemon Heads worked for me, I use to say my teeth were going to be rotten by the time I had the baby. Ginger works also I use to chew ginger gum.

  10. Never let your stomach get totally empty. Eat a little something frequently. The *BEST* thing to eat is protein! Eggs, cheese, a glass of milk, peanut butter, a hamburger, roast beef, a bowl of chili.....ANY protein that sounds remotely good will help. :)

    I like yogurt and always kept some in the fridge. I had a smoothie every morning for breakfast. I would put yogurt, milk, vanilla, wheat germ, flax seed, and FROZEN fruit (so you don't need ice) in a blender until smooth. YUUUUMMMMMY!!

    Some frozen fruit combos I liked:
    Strawberry & Banana
    Orange, Strawberry & Banana (Orange was not frozen)
    Blueberry & Banana
    Raspberry & Banana
    Peanut Butter & Banana
    "Yellow" fruit (pineapple, mango, peach, orange, banana)
    "Red or Purple" fruit (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry)

    Great additions (best with PB and/or Banana) include Cinnamon and Chocolate. Get creative! I know I did!

    *Note: Bananas need to be frozen without the skin. The best ones are really ripe. Peel them (sometimes I sliced them) and put them in zip up freezer bags.

  11. My prenatal vitamins made me terribly sick in my second pregnancy. I ended up taking a multi-vitamin, folic acid and iron pill instead of the prenatal. The iron pill continued to make me feel nauseated but not if I cut it in half (took half in AM and half in PM). I really got tired of eating crackers! Ginger snaps were refreshing on occasion. Good luck! Lisa

  12. Four Kids and an RN here: First let me tell you...that as awful as morning sickness is...it is good news! It means that the pregnancy is sticking. 2nd- You'll find your way. Listen to your body...what are you craving? 3rd- Here was my helpers: Lemon drops....peppermints (they are a natural ant-nausea.. there is a reason they put them in fast-food restaraunt bags.) rootbeer....the big one...


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