A Day Off From Work

Today, along with Sunday, are my days off from work. It is so great to be home during the day here, because my morning sickness is always worst in the evenings, so I haven't had the wherewithal to get anything done around the house. And can I say, as of this morning, that it's good to see the floor again!

I was telling a friend yesterday, I am just waiting to find some joy in this pregnancy. My attitude so far could be best described as sober. I am all too keenly aware of how this pregnancy so far has been a teeth-gritting battle to just survive the first trimester, and also that we're kind of broke and far away from any family or support network. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, it's just the facts.

It's been kind of hard for me to feel excited about a perpetual stomach bug, but I think that once the baby actually starts making a baby-like manifestation, my frame of mind will change. Here's crossing my fingers! And now I'm off to clean the house some more!

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