Kitty Trouble: Part 2, and Other Things

I have been AWOL from cyberspace this week because my laptop decided it would be fun to play dead. I'll go get that fixed sometime, but for now, I'm stuck with snatching time on the "family" computer when DH is otherwise occupied (I just hate asking other people to get off the computer! So I wait. And wait).

I should have known the rest of this week would be weird when I got out of bed and stepped on a kitten's head, which probably ranks in my Top 3 Most Horrifying Experiences. Between wiping up blood and earnestly beseeching God for some divine intervention in the kitty's life, I didn't do too much.

Turns out, after a couple precarious days of listlessness and being fed from an eyedropper (he wasn't eating or drinking anything), he perked up! In fact, I think he's forgiven me, because he's contentedly sleeping on my lap as I type right now.

Or he might be plotting his revenge. You never can tell with cats.

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