Seven Quick Takes

1. I am staring my third week of unemployment in the face. Ouch. I'm just happy that God is watching out for us, because otherwise, I'd be a ball of nerves! More on job things in a couple takes.

2. After a half-hearted attempt in high school (that ended after failure at turning on the typewriter. A technologist, I am not), I am making myself learn to type correctly, mainly using http://www.freetypinggame.net/. Anything with the word, "game," will usually do the trick. Oh, the joys and woes! The joy of earning 2347894 points in Alien Blast! The woe of the computer numbing my brain with nonexistent word after word (jaka... dfjk... jss;a... klls...), and then taunting me with, "You only type 19 wpm, you loser! HA HA HA HA." Okay, maybe not like that exactly. But that's when I go play Alien Blast again.

3. I have wanted to audition for the city opera chorus for a very long time, but I kept chickening out. In fact, I didn't call last month when they were holding auditions. But, this week, I started feeling convicted about letting my God-given talent go to waste, so on Tuesday, I sent a rather dubious email tasking if they were all full yet. I got a reply in seven minutes that said, "Come and sing tomorrow." Whoa! I'm thinking Someone upstairs was behind this. So I went and auditioned, and the director told me right there that he'd find a spot for me in at least one opera. Woohoo! That's a start! 

4. But, of course, you know what they tell all musicians: "Don't quit your day job!" Of course, the trick is having a day job in the first place! I am currently experiencing much angst (I just love that word) in my job hunt. First off, potential employers who require inquiries by email either a) never reply back-- not even a "Sorry, but you're not the one we're looking for." They just remain stony and silent, or b) they send an automated message directing me to an application site that asks what my SSN is and whether I'm interested in getting educational literature. Shaaady.

5. Also, it's a little frustrating being a recent college graduate, not having had much time in which to cram things that look impressive on a resume. I have the skills to excel in whatever a job can throw at me--- just *standing on a chair and singing musical-style* pleeeeeeeease give me a chaaaaaaaaance! In the meantime, I'm trying to learn new things (such as typing like a human being) and grow as a person so I'll be all ready for that perfect job.

6. The other day, I finally bit the bullet and inventoried the fridge/freezer. Now I'm wondering, why didn't I do this sooner? I actually know what I need to use up soon, and don't even get me started about all the treasures I found hidden in the freezer that I totally forgot were there. We won't have to buy much groceries for a while! Hooray!

7. My trials with the kitties are diminishing. We even named two of them. One is called Minion, because he's kind of evil, or at least as evil as a cute kitten can get. The other, his polar opposite, is named Mel, because he's so mellow. The other two are impossible to distinguish from one another, so we're not even trying to name them.. It's interesting to see how treating some kittens as individuals as opposed to others is really changing how the cats interact with us! Mel and Minion are extremely friendly, while the other two kind of slink away when Adam or I come near. I wonder if this is applicable in any way to humans.

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  1. Just stopping by from Conversion Diary - great quick takes!
    I feel really lucky that I'm not searching for a job right now, and just get to stay home with my daughters. So I don't have any advice in that arena, but it looks like you've got a positive spirit, and that can only help! Good luck!

  2. Hi! I sing, too, and your audition story was inspiring! (Wish they could all be like that!)

    Hope you find the perfect job soon. I also learned to type using a computer game. I think it was called MasterType - it was a long time ago - I loved that game!


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