The Church of Google

The past five years in my college town, I've been searching for a home church.

Please don't think that I'm an extremely picky person! I've had two years of carlessness, and then semester-long stays at churches where doctrine was either really weird or not taught at all. And then there was the last five months, where my choices were to either work Sunday mornings or be homeless. :-P


I'm really not that picky. I just a want a place where the Word of God is explained, and I don't feel lost in a crowd of thousands. And, as a musician, it's very important to me that the music is quality.

But where to start in the so-called "Buckle of the Bible Belt"? My city easily has over one thousand churches! It is possible to attend a different church every single week for years!

So Saturday night, I decided to throw fate to the wind. I told Adam, "The first church that comes up when I google '(name of city) church' is where we'll go tomorrow!"

Fortunately, I didn't get anything weird.

And, surprisingly, it wasn't one of the several megachurches in the area (not that I have anything against megachurches. They're just not my thing). I was intrigued. So we went.

Turns out, it was one of the best services I've ever been to in this town! The congregation was sweet, the sermon actually required that I crack my Bible open, and *gasp* they even had a little orchestra!! Be still, my beating heart. We'll be going back!

All the same, it was a little awkward writing on the visitor's card what influenced me to be there: "Google Search".

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  1. too bad you don't live around us, we have an amazing pastor, high-quality music (instrumentally and vocally) and a congregation of great people!


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