Back I Am, Sam I Am!

I just loved Green Eggs and Ham when I was little. But I digress!

This week is Spring Break. I took off work, Adam did some planning, and we drove down to Dallas and spent a few days there! It was especially enjoyable because we finally got to go together! Travel costs are expensive (can I get a witness?), so when there are weddings, school trips, and the like, usually one of us goes and leaves the other behind. How sad! So we definitely appreciated this trip!

On a side note, Enterprise Car Rental is now our favorite car rental company. Have you ever seen all the restrictions and sky-high fees imposed by rental companies for drivers under twenty-five? (which both of us happen to be) It's always so frustrating to have a squeaky-clean driving record, and yet not be able to rent because I'm not thirty-six months older! Enterprise, however, was very reasonable with a friendly staff and good rates. We'll definitely be there next time we rent!

We ended up going to Six Flags theme park, touring Dallas, going to a museum, and hanging out with my former roommate (at whose house we stayed). I'll post pictures soon, but right now, I want to go to bed!

On another unrelated note, there seems to be a huge Blog Party going on, and it looks like fun! Maybe tomorrow, I'll pull something together and join the melee!

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