Chemistry Lab!

Tuesday Night was Chemistry, and I actually took pictures! Behold, the fun...

The experiment was about separating the caffeine from Mountain Dew syrup. Ohhhhh, yes, there is lots to be found. Here I am with my friend Ruth, who ended up being our partner for the evening.

Adam, looking very scientific.

He was the self-appointed pincers handler. He really loved it...

...maybe a little too much.

Naw, he really loves me! Even when I'm wearing dorky lab glasses!

Ruth recording data and trying to not get sucked up into our silliness.

Evaporating the Mountain Dew...

For some reason, I always feel like I'm in the kitchen. I just can't quite put my finger on it...

Writing up a lab report so we can go home!

Our textbook is really horrible (mixing bad theology with science), and the writing it assigns is equally horrible, so Adam and I don't really take it seriously. In fact, I think our lab report ended with, "And they all lived happily ever after." Every week, when we come into class and the professor gives us a weird look, I have to remember what on earth we wrote last week. :-)

There you have it! Proof of our misadventures!

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  1. LOL!! "and they lived happily ever after". That cracks me up!! No wonder you get weird looks :P


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