Why this Christmas will be very, very different

Whew! A lot happened this last week! Since last Tuesday, I have
  • Cleaned the entire house
  • Been the hostess with the mostess at Thanksgiving-- and I didn't even burn the turkey!
  • Gone on a two-day, fifteen-mile hiking trip. Yep, I am now painfully aware of EVERY muscle in my legs.
  • Celebrated six months with my favorite husband!
  • Decorated the house for Christmas
Speaking of Christmas, this will be our first Christmas away from home. My mind still hasn't grasped the fact that Christmas is not going to occur at my family's home. No familiar Christmas caroling. No familiar Advent rituals. No familiar Christmas fudge. That may be the worst part. I can't even find my stocking, which was supposed to be here with us. I don't even get to wake up on Christmas morning to find my now-lost stocking magically filled by Santa! I'm going to really miss all that coal! This is all very important to me, but this year will be different.

Basically, what is going to happen this year, is that I may actually be forced to discard the meaning I have attached to Christmas- warm, fuzzy traditions and time with the family- and really find the meaning in the Manger. Who'da thunk?

I'm excited about that.

Not to mention, I FINALLY get to have Christmas with Adam! Now, where is that mistletoe...


  1. If you wouldn't mind signing your name or something, so I know who is commenting, that would be great! :-) Just check the "Name/URL" button.

  2. I am sure Adam will have boxes of mistletoe.


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