I need cheap beverage ideas!

When I got married, I knew in the back of my mind that I was marrying a man who loved drinking any kind of sugary, colored beverage he could get his hands on. However, I did not really spend too much time formulating a plan to deal with this habit, because I was a little more worried about wedding favors and how to transport all those bridesmaids from the airport. And now, here I am, six months after the wedding, bemoaning my lack of preparation in the drink department.

Just goes to prove the saying that "A wedding lasts a day, but a marriage lasts a lifetime."  (although I was happy to have my bridesmaids!)

My family has never been much of a drinking family. When I was growing up, we would maybe, just maybe have water with meals. Every once in a blue moon, someone would have milk. My parents weren't psychotically strict about liquids; nobody just really wanted to drink. I've never seen my dad ever drink anything with meals; I myself like to drink water (I will choose it over pop, even if the soda is free) and coffee, and even that is pretty intermittent.

And then there is Adam's family. When they were over at my place for the wedding, I got a kick out of watching them get out of the buffet line with their plates, find a spot to sit, put their plates down... and immediately make a beeline back to the kitchen to hunt down a drink. All. eight. of. them. Every. meal. If that's what floats their boat, then I'm glad. They'd probably outlast me in the desert any day.

I dearly love my husband, but I also have a hard time frittering money away on products that are so easily consumed. I don't mind putting down money for a more expensive (but quality) grade of ground beef because I can make that last forever. I DO mind buying a quart of egg nog for $2.50 and seeing it gone in two days. 

Any ideas for cheap drinks?


  1. He is a lucky guy!

  2. How funny! Maria, Adam comes from the GREAT LAKES...all that water makes you thirsty!


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