The things that STUFF promises you. Minimalist Miniseries, Pt. 3

Sometimes, we don't even realize that we keep things around because of the promises they hold for us. The items in question are not useful for us now, but we hold onto them because we are somewhat sure that they are going to give us awesome experiences in the nebulous future. A great example of this is clothing that is too small. "I plan on losing the weight someday!" says everyone; however, the vast majority of us stay our current size and let the small and increasingly out-of-fashion clothes govern our closet space for years. But, you see, hanging onto those clothes is our promise that we will lose the extra pounds one day.

A real-life example is the decrepit, old, craigslist bicycle trailer that Adam absolutely refuses to get rid of. Never mind the fact that it is now missing pieces and covered with mold, or that Adam hasn't ridden his bike in nearly a year, or that our current living situation would make a bike trailer ride a logistical nightmare. But, you see, as long as he has that broken trailer in his possession, he still has the chance in his mind to go take his children out for awesome, warm-fuzzy father-and-son biking adventures.

Wait... where's little Jimmy? Shoot, I KNEW I forgot something at the park.
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When you're deciding whether to keep or toss a particular item, sometimes you have to take off the Alternate Reality goggles and be very, painfully realistic about what will most likely happen to the item in question. Sure, it may have potential for you, but will you take advantage of it tomorrow? Next week? Next month, or anytime this year? If you don't have a definite date when you will use that item, or there is a long string of events that have to happen first, it's time for reevaluation.

Maybe the item actually was useful to you at some point, but now it's damaged or superfluous to your needs. Embrace that seasons change, that you are only a human with 24 hours in a day, and that your priorities don't leave room for this object anymore. It is hard sometimes, because it may feel like you're abandoning a dream... but if it is really meant to be, you will get the necessary equipment when you are truly ready to undertake it. Meanwhile, why not free up your space and mind for the real future that unfolding in front of you now?

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