Changing Seasons, Changing Clothes

It seems that this season of my life is dominated by STUFF. From packing my entire household into a boxes, to sorting the entire contents of my husband's recently deceased grandmother's house (where we are also currently living), to helping my sisters-in-laws sort through their stuff, I have been spending a lot of time dealing with material possessions. As a result, I am constantly thinking about my philosophy on possessions and organization. And what better way to organize these thoughts than a miniseries?

Other than, you know, actually keeping the house clean?
Photo source:  blalank
I thought it would be easy to start off with a repost. This is the time of year when people are starting to change out their summer wardrobe for cold-weather clothes, so here is a post I wrote last year on how to clean out your wardrobe:

Closet Cleaning Tips

Good luck with that wardrobe!

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