The difference between starting solids with Baby #1 and Baby #2

Baby #1. One by one, I carefully check off the biological readiness signs: at least six months old, can sit up unsupported, has lost the tongue-thrust reflex, has the pincer grasp, et cetera, et cetera. Finally, I set the stage for his first food-- I lay down a large sheet to catch any spilled food, set up the baby seat, make a special trip to the store to buy an organic avocado. Slightly mash it to the perfect consistency- not too chunky, not too pureed- set it in front of Oscar, and eagerly watch as he pokes at it. Take lots of pictures.

Baby #2. At dinner, a  few days after he turns 6 months old, I say, "Eh, close enough," and fish a carrot out of my lentil soup for him as he sits on my lap. There may or may not have been a lentil attached.

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