A Day of Cloth Diapering: Oscar Edition

I ran across this idea yesterday, and thought it would be fun to show a day in the life of a cloth diapered kid. Right now, Oscar is 26 months and a little under 35 pounds, and this is what he wears nowadays.

We start off the morning with a Bumgenius 4.0 pocket stuffed with a Joey-Bunz hemp insert. I loooooove me some hemp because it absorbs a ridiculous amount of liquid! They are pretty much the only insert I use in Oscar's diapers these days.

Today was sheet-washing day, so the mattress is bare!

Next up, we have a fitted that I made out of an old T-shirt a while back. Oscar has super delicate angel skin that breaks out into a rash if you just look at it wrong, so I like to keep him either in a stay-dry pocket, a coverless fitted so I can change immediately after he pees, or butt naked.

Training pants that I made from fleece over some Gerber training pants. Alas, I'm afraid that Oscar is a ways off from potty training, but I like to get him used to the idea of pulling his pants up and down.

I just love that chubby little hand.

Here, we have a Knickernappies Custom Fit large. These are far and away my favorite diaper-- I have six of them for Oscar, the most of any single type of diaper in our crazy eclectic stash. Surprisingly, this was the only one he wore today, but that is mainly because I like to save these for going out, and we were homebodies today.

Right before naptime, I changed Oscar into a Thirsties Duo pocket, stuffed with the original microfiber/hemp insert. I've never really understood all the fuss about having a super-absorbent naptime diaper, so I just grab any old diaper and slap it on for naps.

The very tired boy.
 After he woke up, he got another Bumgenius 4.0.


For the late afternoon/early evening, he went bare butt-- all that remains of our failed EC experiment. I like to give him some naked time every day because it helps keep any rashiness at bay, and EC isn't a total failure if he still has diaper-free time every day, right? Right??


The next diaper was a Mother-Ease one-size fitted. Whenever I think about the babies that Mother-Ease fitted these diapers to, I imagine Barbie babies with matchstick waists. I can't even get both snaps on both sides to snap around Allen, let alone Oscar, so my toddler has to wear it with just the very outer snap attached on either side.


Finally, bedtime. For bedtimes, I stuff a pocket with a Thirsties hemp duo prefold, and that does the trick for night-long absorbency. This Tiny Tush diaper is one of Oscar's favorites, because of all the " 'tars".

I forgot to get a picture of Oscar wearing it because I was most eager to put that boy to bed!

I'm hoping to do the same thing for Allen tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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