Well, Oklahoma, it's been [somewhat] nice knowing you...

I didn't write a Knead It Monday post yesterday, because I was spending the day with Hubs before packing him onto an airplane this morning. But here's a short blurb about the bread: it was sourdough, from a starter I made myself! The resulting loaf didn't taste like sourdough at all, but I'm just happy that we didn't die from eating something that sat on my counter for an entire week. So there's another bread that I plan on revisiting sometime this year.

I mentioned a couple posts ago that we are moving! Here is where we're going:

We're not moving into in the White House itself, but we will be in the Washington, D.C. area! Adam's studies are Government/Pre-Law, so this is the place to be. We'll also be closer to his side of the family! My side is a little put out that we're not moving to Washington State, where they live, but I'm sure a trip to all the cool monuments when they visit will appease them somewhat.

As a girl who was raised in a pretty unhistoric state and relocated to another boring state, I'm stoked to be living somewhere with monuments, old buildings, and an interesting past! I'm really fighting the temptation to fall to American Tail Syndrome (I coined that one myself!)-- thinking that everything under the sun will be so much better in our new location.

Washington. D.C. is hardly the land of milk and honey, but I'm still very optimistic. :-) Our lease is up at the end of March, so we'll be moving sometime next month. We are very much flying by the seat of our pants on this one! Adam has gone ahead to line up work and living arrangements, so I guess we have a new Man of the House:

My first decree is to destroy the Moby Wrap!

Let's hope we get everything lined up soon. :-)

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