A Little Blog Upkeep!

It is a balmy 75 degrees out now, on a Saturday. While most people might be doing a little upkeep on their cars or houses, I'm here with the windows and door wide open, doing a little upkeep on the blog! Here are a couple new things you might notice on Downright Domesticity!

  • A facebook "Like" button, which is now at the bottom of each blog post. I got the instructions and code here. After all that hard work, I'd love it if you started liking my pages! :-D

  • A better comment box! Blogger's horrific comment system has almost pushed me to WordPress more than once. So I'm giving Blogger one last chance, with a little help from Disqus. I almost had a heart attack when I couldn't find any of the old comments anywhere, even after importing, but they finally showed up. WHEW! Oh my word, you guys, I am so psyched to finally have a Reply button! (proof that I've been blogging too long, haha) So we'll see how this works. Tell me what you think!

I'm pretty sure that you don't have to be a blogger/have some sort of account to post comments, so if you're just visiting, you can comment, too!

  • This has actually been around for a few weeks, but you now have the opportunity to subscribe by email. Just enter your email in the little left-hand box, and my posts will appear right in your inbox-- no need to go to the blog itself! (unless you want to use that awesome new comment box, of course :-D) This feature is nice and handy if you're already following a zillion blogs via GFC, and your reader's getting cluttered; or if you're not sure you want to follow a blog yet, and you'd like a trial. 

Well, it looks like I'm on my way to having a Big Girl Blog. What other features do you like to see on a blog?

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