Fun at the Aquarium!

Yesterday was Adam's birthday! He turned the big 2-5. Since he's a big fish enthusiast, I surprised him with a trip to the aquarium! I didn't get many pictures of the actual fish, because it was too dark. But here's what I did shoot...

The birthday boy with the tickets! 

The aquarium was all decked out with spooks!

Notice my finished sling? :-D

The balloon ghouls didn't care that it was Adam's birthday!

How did Adam measure against the Gar pike?

A little better than Baby D did!

The way to the shark tank was fraught with peril.

Here are some fish!

We took a video of a really funny fish.

When we returned an hour later, he was still at it.

All the excitement was just too much for Baby D.

The whole family, on our way out.

And that was our day at the aquarium. I hope Adam's day was fin-tastic!

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  1. Aww. Looks like a fun day. I'm glad you have neat things to visit around there. The sling looks great too!


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