EC Update

Well, for all my recent talk of diapers, you may have thought I threw in the towel, er, prefold with the Elimination Communication thing.

But we're still with it!

This is very much a part-time, whenever-I-think-about-it thing. I only catch about every other time he needs to go. And night-time and going out in public? Forget about it!

But I still consider this to be a very successful venture...

...Because ninety-five percent of the reason I'm doing this is because I dreeeeeeead toddler potty training, and every time Baby D uses the toilet, it's reinforcing the idea that it's totally okay to go somewhere other than his pants! The other five percent? I hate cleaning poopy diapers. So my goals are being accomplished!

Also, I'm starting to think that this should be called "Parent Potty Training", because Baby D totally knew his stuff right from the get-go. Even with my haphazard pottying schedule, he will go almost every time I put him on the pot, as if he's been holding it and waiting for the opportunity. I'm now convinced that babies have better bowel control than we give them credit for! The real training involved in this is me learning to read his cues. I would always wonder why he'd get inexplicable fussy bouts, until I learned to recognize some subtle differences with these bouts-- turns out, Baby D has a full-bladder fuss as well as a hungry fuss.

So here's what a typical EC episode looks like:

Baby D starts fussing. I know he's not hungry, but he's tensing his stomach muscles, grunting, and kicking around.

Me: Do you need to go POTTY? Mommy will take you POTTY. Let's go POTTY!

(I say "potty" a zillion times so that he'll know to hold it for just a few more minutes while I get his diaper off! I think he's making the connection, because sometimes when I say it, he instantly stops fussing, like he knows he'll get to go soon. What a smarty-pants!)

He is now adequately undressed and positioned over the toilet.

Me: Ssssss.... pssssss..... ssssss.... (that's the cue sound)

Adam (walking by the door): Uh oh, there's a couple snakes in the bathroom!!

Me: You hush. Ssssss.... pssssss...

After a minute or so, Baby D does his business.

Me: Good for you! You went POTTY!

Baby D: Goo!

So that's how everything's going on that front. It's pretty fun, but that's because I'm keeping my expectations reeeeeeally low. And what do you know, I'm pleasantly surprised how it's going! Well, both my guys are clamoring for me, so it's time to get off. Adios!


  1. Very cool! I imagine it's going so well because you are so laid back about it. And getting it every other time sounds pretty darn awesome to me!

  2. Good for you! We were really consistent with our oldest and I can count on one hand the number of poopy diaper I changed after about 6 months.

    Our second we were much less consistent with (they are only 16 months apart). At two he is still wearing diapers full time, but knows what to do on the potty and tells us when he needs to poo. He still has many wet diapers during the day, but will go when we put him on the potty.

    We're now working with our third (17 months between 2nd and 3rd) and we're even less consistent. I need to get back on the horse, but seem to have so little time. I think I'll just star group potty breaks. It'll feel like I'm running a day care :)

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