Honey, I Blew Up the Kid!

Today was Baby D's second well-baby checkup. After the NICU fiasco, I'm always nervous that they'll find something wrong, especially with weight gain or other feeding-related aspects.

Well, I needn't have worried!

In the ten days since his last checkup, Baby D has gained (drumroll, please) three quarters of an inch in length and over one pound!

At twenty-seven days old, my boy weighs 11 pounds, 5 oz.

Evidently, the nursing is going well. :-P


  1. Good job, Mama!!! Susannah and I had a little trouble at the beginning so she had 2 weight checks... we had worked SO HARD to get her to eat, when we went for the 2nd one and found out we'd arrived on everyone's lunch break I sat in the car and cried. After we went back in and found out she'd finally gained weight and we didn't have to take her back again, it felt like a HUGE burden off my shoulders and I could finally relax.

  2. Poor Miriam! There really is a ton of performance pressure in the beginning! As if you don't already have enough to worry about with a newborn. :-/ Looks like Susannah is doing just great nowadays!

  3. How long was he when he was born????? WHY are you withholding that information??

  4. You had the right stuff all along!


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