Hang the environment! I want to see my floor again!

When I was much younger, a favorite family vacation place was Ainsworth Hot Springs in beautiful British Columbia. The resort gift shop had an assortment of interesting items, the best one being the disposable swimsuits that were invariably a huge hit with the Japanese tourists. The swimsuits were made of an uncomfortable plastic material, held together by elastic at the arm and leg openings, and puffed out like a marshmallow. I scoured the internet for a photo, but it seems that even Japanese tourists are ashamed to be photographed in such a monstrosity. The best comparison I can come up with is those horrid old-fashioned diaper covers:

Probably not the Beach Babe you were envisioning.

After two weeks of having Baby D home and not getting a blessed thing done around here, including laundry, those disposable swimsuits are starting to look reeeeeeeeeeeeal good.

Baby D demands to be held at all times, and I am all too happy to cuddle with him 24/7! But if I have to trip over one more dirty shirt...........

Or hunt for one more clean spoon............

Or go one more night without putting sheets on the bed...........

Ainsworth will be hearing from me.

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  1. You're not the only one who sleeps w/out sheets on the bed sometimes. It happens here once in a while. Like last week. Maybe. Possibly. :) Things will get better. Just survive for a bit. Clothes are over-rated - just stay in your bathrobe :)


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