The Midwife Appointment: Round 6

Yesterday's midwife appointment went superbly. It just so happened to be scheduled in a perfect window when Adam was free, so he came along. What a good, supportive husband!

There are two midwives in the practice I'm going to. Yesterday was only the second time that I had my appointment with Tiffany-- all the other times have been with Heather. And let me tell you what, this visit with Tiffany was a whole lot more positive than our last visit with her, when we couldn't find the baby's heartbeat!

Everything looks good. My blood volume has doubled- DOUBLED!!- in the past month, and accordingly, I gained five pounds. What a porker. At one point, Tiffany told me that she needed to stick my finger and get a blood sample to check the hemoglobin. Adam blanched, stammered, "Um, I forgot something in the car!" and beat a hasty retreat.

"It's a good thing that men don't have the babies!" Tiffany said. :-D

The baby actually behaved for the Doppler this time (no Little Stinker Saga this time!). That is always my favorite part of the appointment. Nothing like hearing that whoo-whoosh whoo-whoosh! I made it a point to ask how many beats per minute it was, because my mom is always hounding me to find out (probably because she's trying to guess the gender). Tiffany gave me the heart rate (147) and said, "...And tell your mom it means absolutely nothing! Did you know you have a better chance at guessing accurately from a Chinese calendar than from the heart rate?" No, I didn't. I guess I'll go get my mom a Chinese calendar. :-P

Since I just started the third trimester, I'm going to need to start going in every two weeks instead of monthly. Good thing I thoroughly enjoy those midwife visits!


  1. Yay for a good visit!! And the midwife is right about the heartrate/gender thing! Susannah's was always in the "boy" range... and she is NOT a boy!

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