The Midwife Visit...

... did not go well today. The midwife, after several minutes of trying to find the fetal heartbeat, turned and asked, "Are you sure about the date?" I replied affirmatively, to which she told me that she was concerned about not finding a heartbeat at Week 14.

So now I have to make an hour-long drive for a lovely expensive ultrasound, even though I'm pretty sure everything's okay. I just had a morning sickness episode twenty minutes ago, for crying out loud!- and I'm definitely bigger than I was last week.

Ooh! Speaking of which, here's my fourteen week picture:

That thing you see sticking out from under the door is the paw of my other cat, who, I suppose, felt slighted at being left out of the last belly picture.

So anyways, I'm not too concerned, besides wondering where the heck my baby's heart is. :-P That ornery baby just couldn't be easy and let us get a heartbeat! Baby D. certainly doesn't get that from my side!

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