Getting Ready for Baby: The House, Part 2

So, in a previous post, I told you that we're looking for the best housing options for us once the baby comes. Our conclusion?

We're better off financially staying in our one-bedroom apartment with no laundry hookups. How so? Here's how I came to that conclusion:

My main concern is getting the laundry done around here, with cloth diapers and all. Apartments with the same square footage as my apartment and washer/dryer hookups start at about $75 more than what we're currently paying. Then you factor in the cost of renting a washer/dryer, since we can't afford to buy one now: about $25 a month. Without even factoring in the extra cost of hot water, that's at least $100 extra a month.

The laundry facilities where I live right now are about fifty feet away from my doorstep, and everything is ground level, so it's pretty convenient. It costs $2.50 to wash and dry a load, but we usually bring the wet laundry in the apartment and dry it on a rack. Yay for savings! I figure that we do a maximum of 10 loads a month for Adam's and my stuff. If I wash diapers every other day, and allot 5 more extra loads for baby clothes, we have 30 loads total per month.

30 x $2.50 = $75

And that's if we pay to dry all the clothes, too! So we will be saving if we stay.

So that's the laundry. Then there are also other factors:

~The pet deposit. That's about $300 down the drain if we move to a new place!

~Proximity to school. Our apartment complex is the closest you can live to Adam's school. He usually bikes there. Yay for low mileage!

~A fantastic floor plan. There is no other way I'd even consider staying in a 700-foot apartment with any other floor plan. As I've said before, this one is laid out so that all the rooms are spacious.

~The cost of moving. Getting a truck, driving back and forth between living spots, hooking up the electric... it adds up, and we'd much rather put that money towards moving out of OKLAHOMA!

I just found out yesterday that two adults + one baby are allowed to live in a one-bedroom! Hoorah! So now that we've made our decision, I guess it's time to declutter and really get the house ready for Baby!

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  1. We live in an apartment and we cloth diaper.

    The shared laundry room is just below us and I can run there when he is asleep and not be worried about him, it is nice.

    We are in the process of buying a house and I am looking forward to not having to share the washer and dryer with 30 other families, but it works.

    People will think that you are extra crazy for doing cloth in a coin operated machine, I'm sure you don't care what other people think.

    Good luck with everything.


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