WFMW: Water-Drinking Tips

For most of my life, the extent of my liquid intake was my morning coffee and water with my meals. And I was very happy in my camel-like ways. And then.... I got pregnant.

So you could imagine my response when my midwife matter-of-factly told me that I must start drinking half my body weight in ounces of water every day: "Are you kidding me???"

But after a mere couple weeks of this oceanic experience, having drunk over 1,400 ounces of water already, I am ready to share my water-drinking tips with you. Ready to float away with me?

1. Put your day's worth of water in one large jug. This has probably been the biggest help, because I can see how much I've drunk and how much I still need to drink. If it's getting later in the day, I can tell at a glance that it's time for more "bottoms up!"

2. Use a large glass. When I used a mug, I failed pretty badly. Since it held less water, it gave me a false sense of drinking more than I actually was. Switching to a 12-ounce glass helped immensely! Now, I only have to drink eight glasses, as opposed to sixteen a day.

3. Flavor that water!
I will be honest with you: Tang is my new best friend. I don't know why it's easier to drink water when it's not, well, water-flavored, but that's the way it is. In order to not completely rot my teeth out, I use about half the recommended dose. Lemons are also fantastic! Those who are unable to keep fresh lemons during the day, take heart! My mother has informed me that there's this great product called True Lemon-- crystallized lemon sold in packets that tastes just like the real deal. I'm very interested to try it! I've also heard that mint, crushed strawberries, cucumbers, or a small amount of juice helps make water irresistible!

4. Drink it at room temperature. Maybe I'm just weird, but I find it difficult to drink large amounts of chilled water from the fridge.

Is there anything I've missed? Please leave a comment! Remember, I still have about 18,200 more ounces to go till this baby is born! :-D

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  1. Lemon is my fav water flavoring, but I also like to throw in some orange peel when I or my 2 yr old has an orange (can't waste the peel!)

  2. DRinking it a little warmer in the mornings helps me get the first few glasses down. The rest of the day I like it cold!

  3. Now, that's funny, because I think tepid water is gross. I love ice-cold water from the fridge! In fact, I will freeze a water bottle partially, then squish the bottle so it has ice crystals through it.
    But Tang, oh, yeah...yummy!

  4. You could make some of your water into herbal tea, if you like hot drinks in winter. One of my favorites is red tea a/k/a rooibos; it has a great flavor, antioxidants, and no caffeine. Red raspberry leaf tea (it doesn't taste much like raspberries, just sort of leafy, but it's good with honey!) is supposed to be good for your uterus and also has Vitamin C.

  5. Thanks for the great tips on drinking water! :D Need to get some of those Tru Lemon packets.

  6. I drink mine HOT as in heated on the stove in my teapot. I love it this way. I learned it is the warmth that I need. (now in the summer, that is a different story!)

  7. I have contests with myself. Like when I fill up my TALL glass, I dare myself to drink half of it right then and there, or finish the glass in the next half hour.

    Also I leave several glasses of water lying around in different rooms in the house and then when I enter a new room and see the glass, I have to take a drink from it. It drives Chris crazy, but I get the water I need.

  8. @Laura: Well, I guess you'll be in great shape if the movie "Signs" actually comes true! :-P


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