My Beautiful Costume!

For the past couple weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday night has been devoted to standing around on stage acting in the opera Rigoletto. I'm a "super", which means that I'm not actually singing in this production. I cannot tell you what glee it brings to my heart when me and my fellow female supers are addressed as "Super Women". YEAH!

This week has been dress rehearsal week, so I thought it would be appropriate to get a couple pictures of the dress:

DANG. This is definitely the best part of being in an opera!

I am the only female in the entire cast that got out of wearing a wig because my hair was already what they had in mind-- long and curly. Score! And look at all that makeup! It looks good on stage, but is pretty scary close-up!

Well, I should probably get some beauty sleep. Gotta keep looking good for all that acting, you know. ;-)

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