Baby's First Gift

The drive to work from lunchtime wasn't too interesting. I did drive by Casa Bonita, which has been described as, "Willy Wonka marries Mexico." Definitely a place you'll never forget, either for the amazing restaurant interior, or for the horrible food. Everybody in the area needs to visit it at least once! I should do a post on this place sometime.

And then, I saw it. A Salvation Army thrift store that I'd never seen before! Stop the car!!! I had a few minutes to kill, so I took a look inside. It was a pretty decent store, and I saw some things I'd like. Let me ask you this: do you think $40 is too much to pay for a changing table (second-hand, but with a new mattress in plastic)? I'm still thinking about that one.

I've been wanting to buy a little something for Baby D for a while, so I passed by the baby section and found the cutest little onesie:

Pretty appropriate, considering this family. What a bunch of silly monkeys!

So there it is: Baby D's first gift! I absolutely love looking at it. It's so cute and little, and it'll be filled up with a baby soon! I'm pretty stoked.


  1. If the changing table is in good shape, sturdy, and what you like, I'd say $40 with the new mattress is pretty good (new they run about $100)! My MIL got us a new changing table mattress (I'm assuming you're talking about the curved foamy thing that you change the baby on) at our Goodwill for $10, still in the plastic.


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