Works For Me Wednesday: Take Some Stress Out of Gifting

WARNING TO MY RELATIVES: Don't read this one, or you will know what you're getting for Christmas!

I have a lot of family members. I'm one of five kids, and my husband is one of six. Thankfully, his side does a drawing for Christmas, so each person only has to get a present for two other family members. But even then, this still amounts to a lot of gifts!

With so many people to give gifts to, I decided to simplify this year, and....

Give everyone the same thing.

This year, I'm making everyone aprons, but they're in a variety of patterns and designs. My sisters and female in-laws are getting cute, cute aprons, and my brothers are getting MAN-aprons, AKA tool belts. It was amazing how easy it was to gather all the materials needed! After finding the patterns I wanted (hint: eBay has some great deals on brand-name patterns!) it took just one evening of calculating yardages and taking a trip to Hobby Lobby to get me set.

This also applies to smaller gifts for people outside the immediate family. I'm thinking specifically of ornaments, because those are such great little gifts! DH and I are going to a church ornament-exchange party next week, but we are armed and ready, because I am mass-producing these puppies.

Thank you for stopping by! You can find oodles of other great tips at We Are THAT Family!


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